Some might say I was born by bleeding
trees, millions of years ago.
Also this doesn't seem to be impressive.
Not in her eyes at least.

The expert she asked for what I am worth on the market
informed her on how imperfect I would be.
Not the right size, oxygen included at the wrong places
and a weird extincted species inside...

Which is the only reason she didn't sell me.
Nevertheless, why am I still here?
Couldn't I set myself on fire.
There is the door.

When she was born I was already present,
and since then I never left her side.
So many challenges ahead of her!
I know she will need my magical power, my loyalty.

I've travelled the world, run through - too - many hands.
If I could teach her to see what I saw.
Sometimes she asked me and I tried to send her
my deep observations and thoughts.

With my former owners this didn't work out too well,
but I'm pretty sure it wasn't my fault.
The next time she needs me, I will put myself together:
'Stop daydreaming!' failure has taught me.
__Wait_What's going on?
Oh, I could have told her that

Mostly our parrot is bearable
and his skully pal seems to be kind of cute.
But perhaps they spend too much time in virtual worlds
which reminds me of something else

This cat is a living nightmare for me!
Imagine what would happen if he ate me.
I would survive it, sure, but

Isn't he lovely - a wonderful melody!
Even Miezie is fascinated.
What could have been foreseen, I should have warned him.
But let's look at the bright side of life

Right! That's what annoys me most here: the hamster.
When does Ms. Active awake - at night!
The only time I allow myself dreaming
is exactly when she decides to loudly circle around.

Miezie also doesn't seem to be amused.
- Or he simply tries to eat anything.
But back to my storyline