** Art For Fun **



Hey there__let's just go in medias res:
It's a crazy world humans live in.
After eating my BA-NA-NA at some fancy place,
crowds of people surrounded that peel
which I had thrown away.

Their faces were so stressed, it
stressed me even more. Most times
humans have serious hygiene issues.
But when I came forward to clean my mess,
this well-known process of people yelling started.

As usual I ignored it, but
then newspapers titled:
"Monkey destroys art!" !!
Can you believe it? WTF!
I love you. I'll be back.

Hey there _ Humans are still driving me mad:
After trashing, thoughtlessly, some
disgusting BA-NA-NA, this crazy person
- looking important - attacked my peace:

No one would throw a BA-NA-NA like me!
"Is it performance, is it passion! Imagine
the guesses, the expert discu" - I told her
to get lost... Love you. I'll be back.

Hey there _ You won't believe what has
happened: The clumsiest human alive
slipped on one of my BA-NA-NA peels -
highly dramatic - me not being insured __

So I tracked down that lady who admired
my art (she is the only one who understands).
Of course: I'm an artist! I had to
sign her contract... FUCK IT!! I'll be back.