Hey ~shy11, it is so nice to meet you!
How comes I never noticed that you are here?
Anyway, I am open to meet new people.
So, tell me a bit about you?

I care deeply for soccer and ponys.

Oh really? Me too!

What a coincidence that we both share the passion
for this, as others might claim, weird combination!
We seem to have an unique and deep connection!
I really must meet you!

My parents would never allow me that!

Oh, sorry, my mistake!
I thought you would be cool...

But somehow I understand your parents -
being overprotective is not the badest thing.
They would probably argue that we don't know each other
which, as we both know, isn't true.

Nevertheless, I'm still kind of disappointed,
for you not trusting me.
Therefore I think, the least thing you could do
is send me a picture of yourself.
Naked, of course.

~shy11 has left