** IT-Inspired Poetry **


Cat Manager Sepp

Promo Clip
Your cat went viral? Then
I am your man!
No, I'm not kidding -
this is a real thing!

'From viral to rich'
is my motto. Let me ensure you:
Your cat might be cute
- or whatsoever -,

but without my help
you will have enriched online culture
without making profit! That's
where I'm coming in.

My network is best and
my marketing methods
form bullet-proof steps.
Trust me - it's worth it!

Email to: @cms.money

Hello Stasi Cat

Ms. Stasi Cat, welcome! How are
- Oh, I know, I know. But
your name doesn't matter.
Your cat is the star, get
used to it. The sooner, the better.

Fur-thermore - I would like to apologize -,
once you've earned yourself a golden nose,
you'll finally appreciate not being in focus.
So let's get started, shall we. First of all:
This is your contract. Please sign.