This poem was inspired by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and their segments on autocorrects.


Dear Dingleberry

You wouldn't believe the day I had:
I devoured a baby in a cab!
There's nothing comparable to a gorilla face -
well, perhaps except itching comedians in bed...

So I told your father: Let’s screw the gym
and get pregnant tonight instead.
At the moment I’m heating up some ladybits for him,
while he is in the garden, pantydroppin’.

Besides, I'll look for boys for you,
please go through the pictures attached.
If I get you some it comes out of your Christmas money –
they are way to expansive to get!

Also, I've heard of the pornography A -
you pregnant daughter of ours.
You may imagine that this gave me buttflies,
but what about the orgasm chemistry test?

LOL, my new phone is gret,
touched by an Asian, I’d say.
I lobster all the fetish of it.
Much llamas to you from Dad.