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Debt-Free Party

[Skeleton 1] They scammed me into confidence
in debt: I bought it. I did the math:
It never added up! But
don't we all

[Skeleton 2] Once sanity had left, I flourished
- well, temporarily. Then circum-
stances overwhelmed me. I wanted
more and more for once while always

[Skeleton 3] Who really questions the status quo:
Our world is materialistic. When
people around you are showing off...
Who challenges lifestyles with resistance?

[Skeleton 4] I hadn't had one chance. I found
out early: The poor are sure to pay.
The rich are pocketing these profits, no
risks attached: That's business.

[Skeleton 5] For me it started with spending.
Plastic was all I got. Cash
in advance: I hadn't had it.
Unfair, I thought, and bought.

[Skeleton 6] When common sense stepped in, I
shut it down. Their data was so
convincing. Those early birds were
skyrocketing! I needed to catch up.

[Skeleton 7] So many people scammed upon -
'How does this affect me?', I thought,
and went to work and paid my rent and
ensured that my children won't pay for everything.

[The Skeleton Choir] Debt we left behind. We got it.
You have to have debt, we were told.
Debt forces growth, which itself became king.
And grow we did: 152 million million dollars (2016).

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