** Fantasy Creatures **



I've never witnessed fog of your kind!
How were you able to crystallise?
And how does it come I've never seen you here before?

I'm always there and also only present
when special circumstances occur.
Some people call me picky, but that's their perspective,
and others might claim that I know what I'm doing.

So, would you please tell me:
What means uptodate nowadays?
What is your favourite technology?

You know, I'm pretty young and people
refer to me as a child.

Therefore you have the perfect perspective.
Please, go on!

Billions of people share their data
via the internet.

This sounds as dangerous as fantastic.
What are you making out of it?

Making out, sex, porn are the major topics, indeed,
but it is also used for stuff that goes beyond.
Yesterday I published a picture of my butt and
today I searched it due to educational means.
It covers the whole range of human potential,
which must be a good thing, isn't it?

Perhaps I'm showing myself too often.
But now that I'm here, there are more children to visit.
So thank you and goodbye!

Foggy, please wait!
Don't you have any advice?
The future can frighten
and progress scares sometimes.

The old and the new always go together,
I've seen this many times before.
You cannot stop progress and you also shouldn't try.
The old is the basis to build upon.

So - see you.

Thank you and goodbye!