Max & Marla



Max and Marla go together:
nasty stuff is on their mind.
Teacher Preacher gave them
speeches - Oh, he shouldn't have:

"Max and Marla, it's a wonder
none of you was yet in jail."
- "Why, what is it we are doing?"
- "You both know it ___ you are

always ___ wumbling around!

Don't pretend no one has ever
told you all that's wrong with you!
Anyway, my task is done here. See you,
well behaved for once, on Monday."

- "Wumble, wumble, don't be humble.
We don't know it. We'll pretend.
Until Monday - many hours...
Everyone can be a test!"


Max and Marla, look at them:
As confused as can be - are they?
Do you sense what I sense, they might
understand how language matters.

"Don't you wumble, Mrs. Williams!",
Max and Marla greet their neighbor.
Mrs. Williams, not the brightest,
waves aside - These foolish young ones. -

"Never!", says she, undecided
on the most appropriate face.
"What is wumbling?" Mr. Williams
stares, afraid as always, at his wife.

- "Never have I done that, promised."
- "But what is it?" Silence falls.
- Oh, she really doesn't know it.
And I already pretended, I would!

I should say something right now!
"Wumbling ___ means ___ heavily flirting
with someone else's better half.
Which is something so unheard of"

- "Happens daily." - "Right." - "Wait_
What is wrong then with these children?
Nowadays only one thing is on their mind!"
Mr. Williams, missing context, smiled.

"Don't you wumble, Mrs. Williams! -
Who do they think they are?
Max and Marla, I am married -
HAPPILY!" - "Good God."


Max and Marla, he and she
aren't yet allowed to vote.
Which has never stopped this politician
lying - without lying - straight into their faces:

"Wumbling has been part of my agenda,
last year, is that what you say?
Well, the reason that we might not have, so far,
tackled wumbling may be: Sometimes

wumble can mean not to wumble.
If the situation changes (which
it always does) opposites can
take each other's places. Et voilá."


Max and Marla, on their way,
meet the priest in town, who's busy
worrying about the dead,
heaven, hell and in-betweens:

"Max and Marla, everyone must die.
Some go to hell, and you two"
- "Not the Wumbling, Saint Paul tells us."
- "Sure, those are safe. But you two"

"I never really got that passage,"
Max continues distracting the priest.
Marla shows slightest signs of disapprovement,
but seems too interested in the resulting tale.

- "A loving good heart is riches,
who if not Paul would have known!
Am I right? _ Generally _ The exact scripture
was some past Sunday discussed.

You two really should show up oftener."
- "Speaking of hell" - "Watch your mouth.
Anyway, there are more lost souls to consider.
May God bless you. Bye."


Max and Marla, both of them,
are concerned about some side street,
which, as unrepaired as can be, hinders
spare time floating activities.

"Mr. Handler, bureaucracy takes time -
but this requires immediate action!
Our street has been damaged by
__ who could tell. Please repair it."

- "Is it korrekt kaputt?"
- "How German are you?" - "Äh...?"
- "Never mind." - "Let's find out.
Form 0-8-15-D-E is our friend here:

Who again has damaged your street?"
- "Well, no one in particular."
- "And when?" - "We don't know."
- "What sort of damage?" - "Various." - "We

must have something Konkret to proceed here.
__ By what means then?" __ - "Wumble."
- "W-u-m-b-l-e. Got it.
Define your terms please." - "Hm?"

- "What exactly does wumble mean?"
- "Someone told us that's a thing."
- "A-t-h-i-n-g-" _ - "Though it is
not in the dictionary." - "! _ If

that doesn't call for a town hall meeting,
I don't know what does: A mysterious
thing threatening our streets,
which are way too important for cars

which I love. My other
passion is language.
Today is the best day of my life.
I got this, kids. Thank you so much."


Max and Marla, joining forces,
both enjoy the town hall meeting.
'Wumble!' is up for discussion -
Mrs. Williams starts: "First

our priest shall speak on wumble!
and what the Christian thing to do is.
Then the rest of us might join in. May I
recommend to stress - our youth on -

what marriage, what LOVE is ____ Where
__ ah" __ - "Thank you, Mrs. Williams. __
Well __ A loving good heart is riches.
Who sticks with that cannot fail!

Those wumbling have a safe place in heaven.
Especially the young shall - "WHAT?
A youth might! flirt with someone - heavily! -
that is! in a committed relationship!"

- "No one said that. Don't give them ideas."
- "My husband told me this is wumbling!"
- "AND I'd rather die than revoke now!
Who here really wants to challenge me on"

- "Please cool down. It could mean both.
And they as well might be connected!"
- "Oh, good God, what have I done."
- "You HAVE done that?" - "no" _____

"What does the Bible say?" - "Strong words:
'Thou shalt not commit adultery.'"
- "But flirting can be harmless, besides
sometimes love knows no limit. Don't we all"

- "It sure does for the Bible!"
*human*nature*heavily* "Christian
politician, get on stage. Explain!"

*She shall explain* Her party
is Christian, is old* *Me?
Wanna see my passport*
*What is it we have rooted for*

*Speech on Love* *Explain*


"Love _______________
is __________________
for us Christians - no one excluded,
just speaking for us - ___

- and my party has always said that -

Endless Love is our duty"
"and Love must be set boundaries"

"when talking sexuality.
Wumble can mean not to wumble! __
Flirting is queen, marriage is king,
and we all have asses." *ha*ha*ahem*

"That's really all I have to say."
- "Mr. Williams, I'm not gambling -
Which one is higher: king
or queen?" - "later"


Max and Marla, I could kill ya!
But I’d rather look
at the bright side, being:
At least they’re not

discussing that damn street.
- "What about the damaged street?"
- He’s so fired. - "I cannot
trace it back, but was told

'a thing’ called ‘wumble’
signs responsible for that.”
- “Can’t be a thing!” - “It
is on my Formular! 0-8-”

Let’s give it a letter!
-d IT IS THEN.”,
some hungry man interrupted.

- "Quästion: Is it really kind
comma appearance comma and size?"
“I will ignore how unpolite that was."


Max and Marla, so far ~quiet,
end their silence now for good.
Marla stands up: "Teacher Preacher,
what exactly is 'wumbling around‘?" *why*

Teacher Preacher, all along,
realized what’s going on.
Even more, he was prepared:
Teachers, never loose your face!

Use psychology instead. (By the way,
I will come back to these two one day.)
"‘Wumbling around’ - a chapter of itself! -
requires a three-hour-long speech" - "NO!" -

"- minimum -, which I will happily prepare
for some future date. I count on
all of you regarding showing up then."
- "God bless him."


Max and Marla, way to cheerful,
listen to the definition of "__

a) A loving good heart is riches.
b) Heavily flirting with someone that
is in a committed relationship.
c) Wumble can mean not to wumble.
d) (hearsay) A thing damaging streets,
of whatever kind, appearance, and size.
e) For further reference see
wumbling around.

Some day's topic:
Narrowing down 'wumbling around'."

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