The picture below is provided by the ARACHNE Archive of the University of Cologne under a Creative Commons License .
Responsible for the specific project this picture was taken in is the AAArC – the African Archaeology Archive Cologne.
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Older than Eve

One day a year, somewhere in Africa,
the most mind-blowing being, more stone than colour,
comes to live, giving creeps to everybody
who dares to explore her cavern.

Even the ones who had heard of her before
have no chance to be prepared for what will follow.
The stories she tells are more than mere words:
What she remembers of ancient Africa
becomes visible on her forehead.

Even more impressive is her sardonic expression,
which might be a smile - no one can really tell.
But it seems that she enjoys it when her appearance
and her true-to-life stories are disturbing others.

Once I was able to ask her about
what she thinks of patronisation:
"What people are not allowed to know
will be told. Life can't be censored."