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Fantasy Creatures

progress scares sometimes I'm loosing all my colours Born by bleeding trees Change 0 to 1 0 or 1

Max & Marla

Wumble, wumble, don't be humble


German(y_s) For Fun -_- Poetry

beginning at the wrong end perfectionized ~ weltschmerz, blitzkrieg, angst
German(y_s) For Fun -_- Emoji Poems
Deutsch(e_land) - ein Witz -_- Gedichte

Financial Literacy €_€ Poetry

They scammed me into confidence in debt Appear! I know enough: Bubbles This is The House of Warborrow. Welcome. I'm debt "Money trickles down"
This young century screams 'Debt!'
_ Emoji Poetry _
Financial Classics
packedclassics.com _ Poetry

Chat Poetry

What's your favorite poem? this sick bee is killing me
Emoji Chat Poetry

Fun For Fun ^-^


Art For Fun ^-^

~ Shampoo revolution ahead Why starring at Sunflowers


Science For Fun ^-^

A monkey could have written that
Wissenschaft - ein Witz ^^ Gedichte

Digital Poetry


<poem style = 'border: none;'>
A monkey could have written
<a href ='http://www.link.me'>




IT-Inspired 0_1 Poetry

From viral to rich Bore someone else lobster all the fetish If you don't win, why do you play? the creation that we live admist I thought you would be cool
Those rats of digital totality
Information is Power
IT-Inspired Emoji Poetry

Other Poems

Emoji Poetry

#Giigle III

"Who are you, Poem?", Emoji asked

Poem and Emoji agreed therefore
on getting to know one another
as open-minded, but still critical, as can be:
"Who are you, Poem?",
Emoji asked again
- but now with more patience and time.
Poem took a deep breath
and started to explain:

"Thousands of years ago, my first poetry siblings
were passed on from one generation to the next
- as lyrics for music ... being the first art.
Entertainment, stimulation, culture, rhyme and rhythm
were consequently once a hugh part of us.

Over time, we became independent
- perhaps too much? -
abstracting spoken language into expert terms and figures
- we might have lost our touch towards
our origins, towards building generational bridges.
Then again, this complain is as old as us."

Poem looked absently at Emoji:
"I am the inner voice of arts!"

(IV) "And who are you, Emoji?", Poem asked back

#Giigle (X?)

Viral Nightmare

"At least your parents care about you",
Digital Poem sang small.
"I'd expect more from mine than sending me
kisses and the '10 most viral poem pieces'
- hip parental advice, isn't it.

How to rebel when everything is cool and emoji -
when success seems to be pre-installed.
Can you imagine the next most viral digital poem
that we'll ever have seen:

Some grumpy cat eating some mouse-emoji-something
while sitting on some owner's head who's

some poem **UNPACKING**

Giigle's & Digital's "AI Project Problem" 1