Shadow, the Coloured Skull

Books! I need books!
I'm loosing all my colours!
How is this possible,
there are more of them than ever.

Tonight I must find something fresh -
or I'll look ordinary.
It's hard to return from such status,
I've seen this with so many others.

Classics? I've read them.
Bestsellers? Everything once.
Is there no hidden treausure?
Wait__what is that?
Personal notes, childrens' drawings?
Good God, it's a poem...

Oh, thankfully: There is a parrot in the house.
He is sleeping - and I am not exactly forced to disturb him.
But I can accept him being mad, him yelling,
everything except of loosing my colours.

W W W - Haha, they misteached you the alphabet! -
Don't ridicule what you are not able to do!
Anyway, what would you like to examine?
Talk to me, where would you like to go to?

Patience please, for I'm not the quickest thinker.
Every decision has to be done carefully and
- Yeah yeah yeah - look at that link!
Sounds like fun, right - Well, you know - I already hit it.

Before login us in I should warn you,
it is an unfiltered mass we will enter.
It will suck you in, which might be to too much
for someone like you are. We're in.
- Wait__what? -

We are now part of a virtual world.
Don't worry, I have travelled here often enough.
We will make it back again.

I'm not fully convinced, what we saw
is a scripted reality, abstracted by algorithms.
- Uh, where did you get that word from!
- Don't go there!

The window I came through ... it's open.
Why aren't you exploring the real world outside?
- Once I tried but the police caught me flying too fast!
Real life can be so restricted.
Only technology makes me a master!
- How did they get you? - Be quiet.

Listen who's talking anyway.
What do books have to do with real life?
Aren't they written for being sold,
censored and filtered more than everything else?
Is that what you called an honest insight?
And by the way - you are glowing. -

You want to play 'Mirror Me'.
Then let's discuss light